Company Profile
Dongguan City Xinyuan Nonwoven Co., Ltd established in 1996, it is a private high-tech enterprise with high technical contents and strong economic strength & Guangdong province unit with obey contract and keep promise.
Since the establishment of company, we always insists the enterprise spirit with practice bravely, innovate bold, honesty & sureness, acuity & seriousness and go beyond oneself, in according with enterprise manage idea with sincere lead to success, credit to strong confidence and exist according to. In the long run & practice, we always have been committed to provide the products with high standards & quality and excellent service to customers. With the outstanding achievement & excellent reputation, we have established the close relationship with social communities. At the same time, we cooperated actively with scientific research institution and technology specialist, implement innovation strategy, then make company to be developed into a leading high science & technology enterprise in domestic & foreign.
Enterprise Culture
Management is in a mind, fine products come from care. The key of enterprise competition is to win heart. Inside to win staff’s heart, outside to win users’ heart. Understand people, respect people, cultivate people, play to the people, be kind to people, take human survival and development as the highest value target, Promoted the xinyuan and all staff full scale development
Corporate values: Honesty repair business, vision to win the future;
Corporate spirit: diligence, progress, unity, integrity
Business philosophy: professional initiative is responsible for creating value for customers;
Enterprise vision: happy and rich life. Share a beautiful environment;
Enterprise mission: convergence of a group of elite, the common cause of non - woven fabrics from generation to generation, innovation and promote people 's livelihood environment harmony;
Enterprise talent: integrity focus on enterprising integrity;
Employee vision: happy work, get identity, advancing with the times;
Factory training: integrity is responsible, Tiandaochouqin;

Company History
In 2023, the new factory is officially put into construction, please stay tuned.....
In 2015, efforts were made to promote the development and application of geotextiles and ecological restoration engineering in high-speed rail projects, as well as flood prevention and disaster relief protective walls.
Between 2008 and 2015, more than 20 national patents were obtained.
In 2014, the company passed the third-level safety production standardization review in Guangdong Province.
In 2013, the company was recognized by the Dongguan Industrial and Commercial Bureau as a contract-abiding and trustworthy enterprise, and signed a cooperation agreement with Dongguan Machong Dabu Banana Professional Cooperative.
In 2012, the company became a member of the China Industrial Textile Industry Association and was recognized as a caring enterprise by the Lions Club in Guangdong Province.
In 2010, the company obtained the "e-net hit" star membership qualification from Alibaba, was selected as an exhibiting enterprise in the private exhibition hall of the Shanghai World Expo, and passed the environmental protection enterprise acceptance standards in Dongguan. In the same year, through the joint efforts of all employees, the company passed the ISO9001 international quality standard certification system and successfully implemented the Jin Die ERP information management system.
In 2009, the company won the Science and Technology Innovation Award in Lao Bu Town.
In 2007, the company added a non-woven fabric product sewing workshop and an ultrasonic processing workshop, and obtained the import and export right
The company independently developed and assembled two production lines, achieving an annual production capacity of 4,400 tons in the same year. Also, the company was recognized as a private technology enterprise by the Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau .
In 2005, the Company won the Dongguan City Science and Technology Progress Award
Dongguan City Xinyuan Nonwoven Co., Ltd was founded in 1996 and is an integrated enterprise that combines non-woven fabric production, sales, and environmental protection product processing. The company obtained the status of a general taxpayer in 2002 and formally introduced a non-woven fabric production line in 2003.
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