What is weed control fabric? How do I use it?

2023-09-05 10:05

Grass cloth as a kind of suppression of weeds and maintain the road surface clean and tidy raw materials, ground cloth in outdoor potting green plants, seedling base, large and medium-sized courtyard decoration, grape planting technology and other industries have been widely used in the United States and Europe and other countries has become a part of a standardized planting method. After selecting the ground cloth, can save a lot of ground construction cost and construction period, with each other with the ground cloth brick surface treatment, not only can keep the road surface soil and water resources and epoxy flooring stability, but also can be convenient and fast to deal with drainage pipes, weed suppression and many other issues.

Ground cloth can also be used in the maintenance of tree roots, the application of ground cloth around the roots of trees can effectively reduce the growth of weeds in the roots, which in turn reduces the loss of nutrients and water in the root zone. The cloths used for this purpose are small pieces or strips with additional marking lines on the surface as planting incisions. These cuts are heat fused after the tree is transplanted to ensure the integrity of the fabric.

In tree planting, can also use the ground cloth to carry out the encapsulation of tree roots to reduce the growth of root weeds, to avoid the failure of the tree plant growth, to ensure that the roots of the tree permeability, water absorption, etc., at the same time, the ground cloth can also be maintained in the handling of the tree root from external damage in the storage process.

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